A day of great joy – four new auxiliary bishops for Los Angeles!

September 23rd was a day of celebration, hope, and happiness for Los Angeles as four bishops were ordained by Archbishop José H. Gomez to serve the Archdiocese. These four men are great priests that have been elevated to auxiliary bishop positions in the largest archdiocese in our country. Each of these new bishops knows the depth […]

The Evangelii Gaudium honor from St. John’s Seminary

September 16th was a night to remember with 950 attending a festive occasion on the plaza of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. We celebrated the achievements of seminary graduates Fr. Rodel Balagtas, Msgr. John Moretta, and Bishop Tim Freyer, including the important work of the seminary in educating priests for ministry in the Catholic church. […]

Sister Mary Sean Runs a Marathon!

As a legacy runner with the LA Marathon for 23 years, I ran 10 other marathons, notably Oakland, San Francisco, Golden Gate, Long Island and New York City. My favorite was NYC because I ran through the five boroughs; my parents were from the Brooklyn Borough. My marathon years began in 1980, when I taught at […]

CCF-LA Receives Angel Business Award from CALL

Our foundation, now in its nineth operating year, received the Angel Business Award from the Catholic Association for Latino Leadership on September 9, 2023. This was an amazing accomplishment for bringing a new foundation into being that has to date been entrusted with almost $1 billion in funds to manage on behalf of charitable individuals and organizations. During […]

Redeeming Love Foundation

The Redeeming Love Foundation’s mission is to prevent sex trafficking and abuse, and to provide victim support services through funding education and programs in the United States and abroad. The Redeeming Love Foundation was founded upon the belief that God’s love and forgiveness are all powerful, and that healing happens through love and acceptance. Inspired […]

The Agape Fund

Created in 2021, the Agape Fund is designed to support the Down syndrome community. The fund was created in honor of Thomas Byrne, a young man with Down syndrome, and his immense impact on the South Bay of Los Angeles. The members of the fund participate in athletic races to generate capital and awareness for causes […]

Pastors Endowment Fund

The Pastors Endowment Fund was started in 2016 to honor Msgr. Kevin Kostelnik, who had been pastor at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels for 20 years. The Cathedral was built to last 500 years, yet achieving that goal requires regular and ongoing maintenance to keep the buildings, grounds, and systems functioning and […]

St. Agnes School Fund honoring the Sisters of the Holy Cross

The St. Agnes School Fund Honoring the Sisters of the Holy Cross was created to continue the legacy of St. Agnes School as place of love, learning and family for generations to come. This fund honors the legacy of these remarkable sisters who taught at this school for 93 years but no longer have sisters […]

Kris Wilson Memorial Scholarship

The Kris Wilson Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to reward students of a deceased parent for the fortitude they have shown to persevere through the tragedy of losing a parent.  Kris always put others before herself and passed away prior to seeing her son graduate high school and embark on his college journey.  Please join […]

2022 – the kindest year ever!

The greatest achievement for CCF-LA in 2022 was evident in the amount of grants that were issued. A total of almost $75 million was sent to schools, health care providers, social services organizations, and shelters that feed and house the poor and marginalized. Not bad for being in our eighth operating year!
This was a new milestone in reaching worthy Catholic and charitable organizations aligned with the values of our Church – and truly a testament to the CCF-LA mission that empowers charitable people and organizations to be more impactful.
In 2021 we issued $50.2 million in grants and that was a record year. To handle this much higher level of volume and to keep up with our extraordinary levels of services, we formed two dedicated functions as an outgrowth from the development effort.
 The Client Services team, led by Tania Naaman and with Janette Gordo, meets the daily demands of issuing grants and receipting gifts, while ensuring compliance to policies and procedures for recording all transactions.
 The Marketing function, led by Norma Hernandez with Bonnie Peralta, focuses on outreach to clients, beneficiaries, and prospects through the newsletter, website, publications, and events – each providing an informative touch point and reminder of the purpose of CCF-LA.
Every grant made by CCF-LA sends a strong and kind message to a charity, indicating that their mission is important to us and to the advisor on the charitable fund that was the source of the grant. The work done in a community foundation environment is truly the power of many like-minded people and organizations coming together to make a difference, and in 2022 it was an $75 million difference!