CCF-LA is committed to providing an array of charitable funds that meet the philanthropic goals of our clients.


Recognizing that one size does not fit all, the Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles is committed to providing an array of charitable funds that meet the philanthropic goals of our clients. We can create customized charitable fund solutions, and we work with all clients to understand their goals and financial situations so that we can recommend solutions to fit their needs.

As a Catholic community foundation, we operate in both a regulated, transparent financial industry and a faith-based environment. We are committed to serving individuals, families, and organizations with the highest level of service, performance, and social responsibility.

For Individuals and Families

For individuals and families, we create and manage funds, ensuring that the gifting process is tied to the donor’s intent and that all reporting is completed in strict compliance with state and federal laws and tax provisions. We also offer a range of planned-giving strategies that empower clients with solutions to maximize their philanthropic impact and tax situation while benefiting those causes dearest to them.

One of the most important considerations for families today is how to discuss, plan, and implement a legacy of giving that spans multiple generations. CCF-LA has planning tools to assist in initiating the conversations that can help reveal a family’s values, identify their charitable goals in alignment with those values, and plan each family member’s role in fulfilling the charitable legacy.

If you are interested in learning more about our services for individuals and families, we invite you to contact us at (213) 426-1180.

For Non-Profit Organizations

For 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organizations and other tax-exempt religious entities, CCF-LA provides financial management and investment services for endowments and other account types. Organizational clients receive the same excellent service as our individual and family clients with additional support for driving funding for their mission, exposure to the growing network of CCF-LA constituents, and other services to grow and sustain their important work.

Guidelines for Charitable Funds

Our Guidelines for Charitable Funds describes our various accounts and services, how each type of fund is administered, and specific considerations for each fund type. The Guidelines serves as an introduction to our commitment to you to manage your fund investments and your charitable distributions. We are dedicated to the highest levels of service to meet the charitable objectives of each of our customers.

CCF-LA provides an important opportunity for all ages to learn about philanthropy. We offer charitable solutions for all stages of life and encourage families to discuss and create a legacy of giving that will create real and lasting change. It’s all about the power of philanthropy to positively affect individuals in need in our local communities. CCF-LA serves everyone, not only Catholics.

Donors to the Foundation may be eligible to take a tax deduction for their support, up to IRS limits.  For example, donations of cash or cash equivalents to public charities like the Foundation are deductible up to 60 percent of the donor’s adjusted gross income (AGI).  For direct donations of appreciated assets, including publicly traded stock, closely held stock, real estate and other long-term capital-gains property, donors are eligible to deduct the fair-market value of donated asset deductible up to 30 percent of AGI.  Additionally, the donor does not need to pay capital gains tax on the appreciation, which could lead to potential tax savings.  The Foundation accepts a wide range of financial assets, from cash to real estate to stocks and non-publicly traded assets like limited business interests. 

Subject to acceptance by our Investment Committee, we can accept:

  • Cash  
  • Stocks and other securities:
    • Publicly traded stocks
    • Mutual fund shares
    • Bonds
  • Privately held business interests:
    • Private company C-corp stock
    • LLC and Limited Partnership interests
    • Private equity
    • Hedge fund interests
    • Pre-IPO shares
  • Real Estate
  • Other non-publicly traded assets:
    • Restricted stock
    • Life insurance
    • Retirement assets
    • Royalties
    • Art, jewelry and other items of high value tangible personal property

The CCF-LA Family Office was formed in 2021 to meet the needs of our multi-generational clients and their family philanthropy goals. The Family Office is designed to collaborate closely with our clients on solutions that are convenient and intuitive in managing their charitable assets and giving.

The characteristics of our Family Office approach that are most appreciated by our clients are the high levels of communication we have with children and grandchildren; careful documentation of the donor’s intentions that sustain their philanthropic legacy through the years; and custom-made solutions for managing contributions, grant activity and donor-directed investments. 

The CCF-LA Family Office is dedicated to supporting each of our clients’ family missions and educating their heirs on continuing the legacy. Our clients recognize that family philanthropy can be made easier by addressing all elements of grants and investments up front when the funds are documented.

This is one of the most popular giving approaches available today. Clients can contribute either annual or endowment money to create their own charitable fund. They then can make recommendations to us for issuing charitable disbursements to qualifying nonprofit entities. We handle all aspects of gifting from your charitable fund for you.


These are funds provided by a nonprofit organization to be invested by the foundation for the benefit of the nonprofit. The organization manages the gift process.


Donors may create funds with the foundation to be distributed as scholarships to students from pre-K through graduate programs at universities as well as to vocational schools. Scholarship programs have defined eligibility criteria, and distribution is typically made to the school for the benefit of the student. Scholarships can be managed by our Board of Directors or by a committee unrelated to the donor.


A customer can create a new fund or give to an existing fund whose donations are made only to specific nonprofit organizations. These can be arranged under an annual gift, an endowment gift, or a combination of the two.


Donor-Advised Funds

Our funds and their significant impact on the organizations, people, and ministries of the church are at the heart of what we do. Each fund was established with clear intent to provide dignity of life for all, eliminate poverty, and remove the barriers that divide people in favor of service to our neighbors in the spirit of Christ.

Agency Funds

CCF-LA provides money-management and investment services to nonprofit and religious entities with our Agency Fund account. Organizations have a choice of investment options to maximize long-term or immediate needs.

Benefits of Agency Funds at CCF-LA include:

  • Professional and transparent accounting and reporting in a faith-based atmosphere
  • The ability for donors of your organization to make stock gifts directly into your fund
  • Support for contributions of complex assets

“Working with CCF-LA on our investments helps make it possible for more Catholic doctors and their families to serve in response to their faith.”

If your organization is interested in an Agency Fund at CCF-LA, please contact us at (213) 426-1180 or

Catholic Community Endowment

The Catholic Community Endowment was started in 2017 with a $500,000 lead gift from the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation. This is CCF-LA’s first-ever community fund—a permanently endowed fund managed by our Board of Directors that will support the schools, parishes, ministries, social services, and other organizations in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. 

Because this is an endowed fund, your gift is preserved while grants are made from the appreciation of the assets in our carefully managed investments. Qualifying Archdiocesan entities can apply for grants made from this endowment to support their mission.

With your gift, the Catholic Community Endowment will become an essential source of funding for the most important ministries that allow us as Catholics to live our faith through promoting vocations, building a culture of respect for life, and fostering the diversity that makes our Catholic community strong.

Support us now and contact us if you are interested in making a pledge, estate gift, or a gift of stock: (213) 426-1180 or