We are committed to serving individuals, families, and organizations with the highest level of service, performance, and social responsibility.


To empower individuals and organizations to generate the most impact from their charitable giving and with their charitable assets.

Incorporated in 2014, the Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles, (CCF-LA) opened its doors for business on March 2, 2015, based on a shared dream by various Catholic stakeholders to help build and strengthen the Catholic community of Los Angeles, by providing individuals and organizations with an opportunity to invest in the long-term achievements and mission of the Church, as well as the many charitable institutions that are closely aligned with our mission. As a tax-exempt public charity, we support philanthropy and are dedicated to improving the quality of life of the communities we serve.

Our mission embraces our values through a community of faith and love in oneness with the Catholic Church throughout the world. The values include upholding the dignity of life for all, working to eliminate poverty, and helping to remove the barriers that divide people in large, complex, and multicultural societies such as Southern California. This mission is carried out through the sustainability of parishes, schools, sacramental life, and vocations for all religious, plus community outreach and service to other organizations that are closely aligned to these goals.

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, the Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles is committed to providing an array of charitable funds that meet the philanthropic goals of our clients. We can create customized fund solutions, and we work with all clients to understand their goals and financial situations so that we can recommend solutions to fit their needs.

As a Catholic community foundation, we operate in both a regulated, transparent financial industry and a faith-based environment. We are committed to serving individuals, families, and organizations with the highest level of service, performance, and social responsibility.

Patricia L. Rausch (11/9/1936 – 3/29/2022

Patricia L. Rausch Memorial Scholarship

The Patricia L. Rausch Memorial Scholarship was started in memory and honor of Miss Patricia Louise Rausch, a beloved teacher at Our Lady of the Rosary, who passed away in March of 2022.

Miss Rausch was more than a beloved teacher; she was a community staple – for 51 years she taught 7th and 8th grade at Our Lady of the Rosary and watched most of her students go on to attend St. Pius X- St. Matthias Academy (PMA). Miss Rausch taught over 2,500 students and for many would remain a mentor throughout their lives.

Miss Rausch believed deeply in a Catholic education and pushed every student, no matter their background, to draw close to their faith and to pursue their dreams through continued education. We are honored to have worked with Miss Rausch’s family to support their goal of a scholarship fund to honor her legacy.  

This scholarship will be awarded for the first time in the Spring of 2023 to two incoming PMA freshmen, upon graduation from Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School. This very special scholarship will continue for many years thanks to the generosity of a remarkable lady and her wonderful family. By contributing to this fund, you would not only be honoring Miss Rausch’s legacy, but you are making a huge impact on the lives of PMA students and their families!

Donations can be made to the Patricia L. Rausch Memorial Scholarship through the Catholic Community Foundation to the benefit of PMA.


Kris Wilson Memorial Scholarship

The Kris Wilson Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to reward students of a deceased parent for the fortitude they have shown to persevere through the tragedy of losing a parent.  Kris always put others before herself and passed away prior to seeing her son graduate high school and embark on


Pastors Endowment Fund

The Pastors Endowment Fund was started in 2016 to honor Msgr. Kevin Kostelnik, who had been pastor at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels for 20 years. The Cathedral was built to last 500 years, yet achieving that goal requires regular and ongoing maintenance to keep the buildings,


Redeeming Love Foundation

The Redeeming Love Foundation’s mission is to prevent sex trafficking and abuse, and to provide victim support services through funding education and programs in the United States and abroad. The Redeeming Love Foundation was founded upon the belief that God’s love and forgiveness are all powerful, and that healing happens


The Agape Fund

Created in 2021, the Agape Fund is designed to support the Down syndrome community. The fund was created in honor of Thomas Byrne, a young man with Down syndrome, and his immense impact on the South Bay of Los Angeles. The members of the fund participate in athletic races to generate


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