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Santa Teresita’s 35th Annual Gala!

With literally standing room only, the Carmelite Sisters held their annual gala on January 28 celebrating Santa Teresita “At the Service of the Family for Life”. We were once again not disappointed in the acting capability of the sisters as they hosted their own version of the popular show Jeopardy! On hand were many long-time supporters of the work of the sisters as they care for aging populations and provide spiritual formation programs for all ages.

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We make it easy to empower charitable individuals and organizations across cultures and generations to develop and sustain their philanthropy in support of charities aligned with their values and the values of our faith.

Our clients represent a group of like-minded individuals and organizations that recognize the power of working together in a community foundation to have greater impact on the lives and future of all peoples, the neighborhoods where they live, their educational goals, the faith they practice, and the needs of our world which impacts all of us in different ways.

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CCF-LA Charitable Fund Types

CCF-LA offers the following charitable fund types; all in a Catholic environment Agency Funds Donor-Advised Funds Designated Funds

In loving Memory-Matthew Hansen

Matthew Hansen, our General Counsel, Senior Director of Operations and Corporate Secretary, who passed away on October 22.

“At this Lenten season, we are not alone in our prayer and sacrifice. The charitable funds at CCF-LA are working hard to bring much needed social services, education, and care to those most in need. Lent is so much more about giving than giving up.”