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We make it easy to empower charitable individuals and organizations across cultures and generations to develop and sustain their philanthropy in support of charities aligned with their values and the values of our faith.

Our clients represent a group of like-minded individuals and organizations that recognize the power of working together in a community foundation to have greater impact on the lives and future of all peoples, the neighborhoods where they live, their educational goals, the faith they practice, and the needs of our world which impacts all of us in different ways.

Recent News

Archbishop’s Awards Dinner

On Saturday, March 11, 2023, CCF-LA attended the 2024 Archbishop’s Awards Dinner at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. An

Client Services

During this season of Lent, our clients are making grants to support social services and education, ever mindful

Remembering Bishop Dave

One year after Bishop Dave’s passing, we remember the support and advocacy that he gave as a board

Housing Alliance

The appreciation lunch was hosted by Bill Shaw for all of the individuals and their organizations that worked

"As we administer scholarships this month, we are reminded that Catholic school tuition is an investment in students, their families, their schools, their neighborhoods, and our world. The expectations and potential for our graduates are unlimited for the difference they will make in the careers they choose in social services and healthcare, business, legal, and public and private sectors."