CCF-LA Charitable Fund Types

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CCF-LA offers the following charitable fund types; all in a Catholic environment

Agency Funds

  • Assets owned by organizational clients and invested on their behalf
  • Catholic alternative to a commercial investment account¬†

Donor-Advised Funds

  • Assets owned by CCF-LA, with Donor retaining the right to advise grants
  • Charitable giving account

Designated Funds

  • Assets owned by CCF-LA to support a single beneficiary
  • Maybe established to support a specific purpose

Scholarship Funds

  • Assets owned by CCF-LA to support students at designated school(s)
  • Scholarship criteria and school beneficiaries determined by the fund advisor(s)

All funds have the option to be set up as permanent or non-permanent and can be the beneficiary of estate gifts.

Join the CCFL-LA effort to spread the great joy of giving, please contact Jimmy Ozaeta, Vice President of Development at (213) 426-1185, for more information. 

If you know an individual or an organization that can benefit from our philanthropic management solutions.  We welcome your referral. 

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