A day of great joy – four new auxiliary bishops for Los Angeles!

September 23rd was a day of celebration, hope, and happiness for Los Angeles as four bishops were ordained by Archbishop José H. Gomez to serve the Archdiocese. These four men are great priests that have been elevated to auxiliary bishop positions in the largest archdiocese in our country. Each of these new bishops knows the depth […]

The Evangelii Gaudium honor from St. John’s Seminary

September 16th was a night to remember with 950 attending a festive occasion on the plaza of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. We celebrated the achievements of seminary graduates Fr. Rodel Balagtas, Msgr. John Moretta, and Bishop Tim Freyer, including the important work of the seminary in educating priests for ministry in the Catholic church. […]

Sister Mary Sean Runs a Marathon!

As a legacy runner with the LA Marathon for 23 years, I ran 10 other marathons, notably Oakland, San Francisco, Golden Gate, Long Island and New York City. My favorite was NYC because I ran through the five boroughs; my parents were from the Brooklyn Borough. My marathon years began in 1980, when I taught at […]

CCF-LA Receives Angel Business Award from CALL

Our foundation, now in its nineth operating year, received the Angel Business Award from the Catholic Association for Latino Leadership on September 9, 2023. This was an amazing accomplishment for bringing a new foundation into being that has to date been entrusted with almost $1 billion in funds to manage on behalf of charitable individuals and organizations. During […]

Together In Mission

Together in Mission provides financial support to Catholic schools and parishes in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Together in Mission is the annual Catholic appeal of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, founded in 1993 and has raised nearly $360 million for schools and parishes in the Archdiocese. Donations enable Together in Mission to provide essential […]

Mater Dolorosa Passion Retreat Center

Mater Dolorosa Passionate Retreat Center is dedicated to preaching the Passion of Jesus Christ and its relevance in the lives of people who wish to hear the message of the Passion through traditions of preaching, hospitality, and compassion. Mater Dolorosa Passionate Retreat fosters and promotes spiritual growth and renewal through retreat programs and a peaceful […]

CCF-LA’s Business is Far and Wide!

By area: We have over 4 million Catholics in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, spanning across 5 pastoral regions, with 288 parishes in 120 cities – wow! CCF-LA is so excited to continue working in and expanding our approach to encompass all regions in our Catholic community. It has been so wonderful to work with and […]

A New Year and Renewed Pursuit of the Meaning of Life

Beginning a new year is an opportunity to assess what’s important in our lives and with that comes for each of us a resolve to spend more time and effort in the pursuit of those activities. Most likely, the meaningful part has to do with the people in your life.    Every day, we encounter […]