CCF-LA Receives Angel Business Award from CALL

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CCF-LA board members were on hand to receive the award, accepted with comments from Edward Roohan. L-R Raul Salinas, Louis Castruccio, Archbishop José Gomez, Carrie Shea Tilton, Bishop-elect Brian Nunes, Robert Boada, Delia Roges, and Edward Roohan

Our foundation, now in its nineth operating year, received the Angel Business Award from the Catholic Association for Latino Leadership on September 9, 2023. This was an amazing accomplishment for bringing a new foundation into being that has to date been entrusted with almost $1 billion in funds to manage on behalf of charitable individuals and organizations. During that same time period, nearly $400 million in grants were made!We could not have been more proud of our board, our staff and our clients that evening. This award recognized our business model that embraces teamwork, transparency and best operating practices. We will never forget that CCF-LA is a business first!

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