Our Services

Our foundation provides charitable-gifting services for individuals, families, organizations, and other foundations. We do this through a team of service providers and staff to deliver the best experience for our customers and those who benefit from their charitable gifts. We work with all donors to understand their goals and financial situations so that we can recommend solutions from our existing services or create a program to fit their needs.

Individual Donors

For individuals, we create and manage funds, including Donor-Advised Funds, ensuring that the gifting process is tied to the donor’s intentions and that all reporting is completed in strict compliance with state and federal laws and tax provisions. Also for individuals we have a wide range of planned-giving products and opportunities that empower donors with solutions to maximize their philanthropic goals and tax situation while benefiting those causes dearest to them.


Family Donors

For families and special-purpose entities, we provide advice and support concerning their charitable-gifting objectives in today’s environment while ensuring that their intentions are carried out in the generations to come.

Foundation/Organization Donors

For foundations and organizations, we work with 501(c)(3) charitable entities and other groups who are aligned with the mission of the Catholic Church in Los Angeles and want to establish endowments, drive funding to their mission, and have their own donors create Donor-Advised Funds to benefit their charity.

Full Menu of Our Services

Our foundation is established on three guiding principles: our faith-based orientation to charity, our commitment to extraordinary levels of customer service, and the importance of teaching philanthropy to the community.