Hospital Staff and Chaplains Give Unconditionally – it’s their vocation.

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I am Liam Nelson’s grandmother, Kathy McCaffery. Liam was born prematurely at a hospital in Ventura County while we were still very much in the middle of the pandemic, restricting our ability to be at the hospital. He was airlifted to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles a few days after his birth.  The care Liam received at CHLA was extremely well-coordinated by caring and capable doctors and staff. The Child Life Team also stepped in to help my daughter and son-in-law cope at a very heart-wrenching time.  The pandemic limited hospital visitors, but an exception was made so that my husband Jim and I (along with the paternal grandparents) could meet Liam, be there for his Baptism, and to say goodbye to our tiny grandson.  I observed first-hand the time, effort, and emotional support the staff gave to their patients.  Father Timothy Meier, a Jesuit Priest, supported our family through a very trying, emotional time in our lives.  He was caring chaplain and knew what to say to help all of us.

Liam passed away later that day, and when I got home, I started thinking about the love and care all of these people put into their jobs.  I’m sure many nights they go home and cry and pray for the patients.  I wanted to show our appreciation to them and give something back.  We were already involved as members of CCF-LA’s Development Committee and we had previously set up a fund to help with teacher’s expenses in the classrooms at Serra High School and another fund at our parish, St. Julie Billiart in response to the Called To Renew Campaign. But this was more personal.  We decided to set up the Liam Nelson Memorial Fund to benefit CHLA.

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CCF-LA’s Business is Wide and Far!

By area: We have over 4 million Catholics in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, spanning across 5 pastoral regions, with 288 parishes in 120 cities

2022 – the kindest year ever!

The greatest achievement for CCF-LA in 2022 was evident in the amount of grants that were issued. A total of almost $75 million was sent to schools, health care providers, social services organizations, and shelters that feed and house the poor and marginalized. Not bad for being in our eighth operating year!
This was a new milestone in reaching worthy Catholic and charitable organizations aligned with the values of our Church – and truly a testament to the CCF-LA mission that empowers charitable people and organizations to be more impactful.
In 2021 we issued $50.2 million in grants and that was a record year. To handle this much higher level of volume and to keep up with our extraordinary levels of services, we formed two dedicated functions as an outgrowth from the development effort.
 The Client Services team, led by Tania Naaman and with Janette Gordo, meets the daily demands of issuing grants and receipting gifts, while ensuring compliance to policies and procedures for recording all transactions.
 The Marketing function, led by Norma Hernandez with Bonnie Peralta, focuses on outreach to clients, beneficiaries, and prospects through the newsletter, website, publications, and events – each providing an informative touch point and reminder of the purpose of CCF-LA.
Every grant made by CCF-LA sends a strong and kind message to a charity, indicating that their mission is important to us and to the advisor on the charitable fund that was the source of the grant. The work done in a community foundation environment is truly the power of many like-minded people and organizations coming together to make a difference, and in 2022 it was an $75 million difference!