CCF-LA Investment Philosophy Embraces Core Catholic Values In All Three Options

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The Balanced Pool

  • Highly managed fund with a 5+ year horizon
  • Seeks capital appreciation through ~70% equities and ~30% debt asset allocation
  • Ideal for endowed or other funds designed for longer term use

The Intermediate Fund

  • Structured for an 18 to 36-month horizon; ~30% equities and ~70% debt
  • Seeks competitive total returns within low to moderate risk tolerances
  • Ideal for risk-averse clients or medium-term use

The Short-Term Investment Fund

  • High quality short-term cash and bond equivalents
  • Keeps principal available for near-term use

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CCF-LA Charitable Fund Types

CCF-LA offers the following charitable fund types; all in a Catholic environment Agency Funds Donor-Advised Funds Designated Funds Scholarship Funds All funds have the option