Funds we Manage - Religious


Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

When the City of Los Angeles condemned St. Vibiana’s Cathedral in 1996, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles was left without a cathedral church. However, by the end of the year a new site on the old Bunker Hill was announced, and on September 2, 2002, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels was blessed and dedicated. Located between the Civic Center and the cultural center of the city, the cathedral embraces both and enriches the entire downtown community as it serves more than 5 million Catholics.

Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon

The Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles is an Eastern-Catholic Maronite Diocese that is based in St. Louis, Missouri, and serves Maronite Catholics from California to Ohio. It was officially formed on March 1, 1991. The Maronite Church has ancient roots going back to the Apostles through the Patriarchate of Antioch where “we were first called Christians” (Acts 11:26). Today, the church’s patriarch resides in Lebanon. The Maronite Church has always been in communion with the pope of Rome.

Order of St. Gregory Fund for the Exclusive Benefit of the Cardinal Timothy Manning House of Prayer for Priests

Set in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, the House of Prayer for Priests offers priests a respite from daily ministerial activity. The setting of quiet and simple beauty and three chapels are suitable to their purpose: fostering a priest’s prayer life, inner freedom, rest, and reflection. Established by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in 1975, accommodations and meals are available to any priest or priest support group. A full staff of priests is available for spiritual direction, sacramental reconciliation, and retreats.

St. John’s Seminary

Located in Camarillo within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, St. John’s Seminary is dedicated to preparing candidates for service as Roman Catholic priests by assisting them to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ; discern the vocation to which God calls them; root themselves in Word and Sacrament and the Church’s theological tradition; integrate the spiritual, human, intellectual, and pastoral dimensions of their lives; and develop skills for ministry, leadership, and evangelization in a culturally diverse Church.

The Association for the Beautification and Canonization of Fr. Aloysius Ellacuria, CMF, Fund

The association was founded in 2013 “so that Fr. Aloysius become a motivation for greater holiness.” Fr. Aloysius worked for decades in the Los Angeles region, and, according to his former secretary, Fr. Manion, “Our Lord gave him the gift of miracles to lead people to the love of God, and as such lay people and clerics, religious and even bishops, sought his counsel and his prayers.” This fund will help support the tribunal process.