Leadership and Staff

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Kathleen H. Anderson – President and Executive Director

As President and Executive Director, Kathy brings a wealth of experience as a corporate and nonprofit leader to CCF-LA. She was Executive Director of the Catholic Education Foundation for nine years, where she was responsible for funding an important Catholic school tuition program at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to support students living below the poverty line. Preceding that, she was CEO and President of Lockheed Martin Finance Corporation following a career in international and corporate banking.

At CCF-LA, Kathy is responsible for development and program administration, leading a team passionate about the foundation’s mission to offer professional philanthropy management services and education to the community. She is responsible to a 12-member Board of Directors.

Kathy is a graduate of Santa Clara University and serves as an emeritus regent after 12 years on the Board of Regents and recently joined SCU’s advisory board for the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. She and her husband, Howard, live in Glendale and are active parishioners at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

Contact Kathy with opportunities for philanthropic giving at KAnderson@catholiccf-la.org or at (213) 426-1181.


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Usha Murthy – Vice President of Operations and Corporate Treasurer

Usha is responsible for the overall fiscal and operations management of CCF-LA and representing the foundation to the Board, customers, financial institutions, service providers, and prospects. She has over 24 years of diversified experience in public accounting, government auditing, grants management/reporting, financial analyses, budgeting, and fiscal management.

She has provided hands-on fiscal management to several nonprofits, including New Directions for Veterans, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, the Jewish Community Foundation, and the United Way.

Contact Usha regarding questions about any operating procedures or financial reporting at UMurthy@catholiccf-la.org or at (213) 426-1184.




Lilia Avancena – 
Staff Accountant

The Staff Accountant assists the Vice President of Operations and Corporate Treasurer by maintaining the day-to-day accounting records and general ledger of CCF-LA. Lilia joined CCF-LA with 20 years of bookkeeping experience and a big heart for the mission of our Church. She can be reached at lavancena@catholiccf-la.org or (213) 426-1204.

Louise Damberg – 

The Editor is an advisory position responsible for the overall management of the CCF-LA website. Louise also edits all of CCF-LA’s public and formal documents prior to their release. She has over 40 years of editorial experience and is a strong supporter of Catholic school education. She is passionate about being part of our CCF-LA team. Please direct questions or comments about the CCF-LA website to ldamberg@catholiccf-la.org or (213) 426-1203.


Kara Duncan – Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant supports the Client Development team, with an emphasis on all cultivation and marketing efforts, including special events, research, social media communications, and website contributions. Kara is a recent graduate of Santa Clara University and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from the University of Southern California. She is passionate about working in the nonprofit sector. She can be reached at kduncan@catholiccf-la.org or (213) 426-1200.


Briana Limeta – Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant supports the Client Development team, with an emphasis on all cultivation and marketing efforts, including special events, research, social media communications, and website contributions. Briana is a recent graduate in Sociology from Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles. She is dedicated to CFF-LA’s mission and that of the Catholic Church. She can be reached at blimeta@catholiccf-la.org or (213) 426-1183.

Malanna Marioneaux – 
Manager of Office Operations

The Manager of Office Operations supports the governance, human resources, and information technology functions and works with the Board of Directors as well as with suppliers and vendors. Malanna joined us with over 18 years of nonprofit experience and an unwavering dedication to the success of our mission. Questions regarding job openings should be directed to mmarioneaux@catholiccf-la.org or (213) 426-1185.

Timithie Norman – 
Director of Development

The Director of Development manages the planning, organization, and implementation of all CCF-LA client development and management efforts, including the strategic marketing plan. Timithie has over 5 years of nonprofit experience and the passion to work with clients in supporting their philanthropy. Questions regarding setting up a fund should be directed to tnorman@catholiccf-la.org or (213) 426-1187.

Birgit Oberhofer – 
Client Services Manager

The Client Services Manager is responsible for excellent client relations, ensuring that grants, deposits, and reports are all issued to meet the expectations of each client. Birgit joined us with 12 years of nonprofit experience, a great appreciation for customer service, and a deep conviction for the Catholic faith. Questions regarding account activity should be directed to boberhofer@catholiccf-la.org or (213) 426- 1182.

Viri Saldana – 
Executive Assistant to the President

The Executive Assistant supports the President/Executive Director, ensuring that all communications, agendas, scheduling, and contacts with clients are handled professionally. Viri joined us with over 5 years of experience and has a commitment to excellence in office systems and procedures. Questions regarding the President/Executive Director’s schedule as well as general information about CCF-LA should be directed to vsaldana@catholiccf-la.org or (213)-426-1205.