Our Policies

To guide our business operations in service to our mission, our Board adopts policies that reflect our values, promote transparency in all aspects of our business, define who we are as a charitable corporation, and describe the expectations of our staff, service providers, customers, and those we serve.

Investment Policy

This policy explains our responsible and diversified approach to investing your charitable funds in opportunities that focus on preserving and enhancing your financial investment, which in turn maximizes the impact on your charitable-gifting objectives.


Whistle-Blower Policy

This policy assures our customers of the highest standards of financial reporting and ethical behavior while complying with all state and federal statutes in handling reports of illegal or unethical conduct with financial reporting or other aspects of our business. The policy describes reporting procedures and the assurance of no retaliation.


Document Retention Policy

This policy assures our customers that we maintain records that are compliant with applicable laws and regulations. This policy applies to our staff, officers, directors, consultants, contract workers, and temporary staff and governs paper, electronic, and voicemail records. A schedule and matrix are part of the policy and are reviewed annually.


Privacy Policy

This policy describes how we protect and care for the personal information collected and entrusted to us by our donors and all who work with us. The policy is about how we protect the confidentiality of our constituents and the confidence they have placed in us.


Conflict of Interest Policy

This policy protects the interests of our foundation whenever it is presented with a transaction that may appear to be benefiting the private interests of any director, officer, committee member, employee, or other person affiliated with us. The policy describes what potential conflicts are and requires strict recordkeeping, including an annual “no conflicts” statement from any person involved.


Gift Acceptance Policy

This policy provides guidelines to our donors of the kinds of gifts and assets we accept to make grants and explains our thorough review process to ensure that a donor’s wishes can be carried out by the Foundation.