Mission and Values

The power of one is an individual in a specific donor-advised fund, in a field-of-interest fund, or who has provided a testamentary gift. The power of many is when all of these individuals join resources with foundations and organizations of like mind to create a Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles with charitable investments that are aligned with the broad mission of the Archdiocese.

This mission embraces our values through a community of faith and love in oneness with the Catholic Church throughout the world. These values include upholding the dignity of life for all, working to eliminate poverty, and helping to remove the barriers that divide people in large, complex, and multicultural societies such as Southern California. This mission is carried out through the sustainability of parishes, schools, sacramental life, and vocations for all religious, plus community outreach and service to other organizations that are closely aligned with these goals.



Serving Our Communities Through Our Values


CCF-LA provides all philanthropic investors with an opportunity to safely invest their charitable giving in a private, faith-based charitable foundation that is guided by top financial, business, and legal leaders who are deeply committed to the quality of life for all who live here. That means raising funds for and directing them to the most fundamental needs of every person—education, healthcare, and housing—while continuing to serve the Catholic community with vocations, parish and sacramental life, and outreach to various ministries that focus on serving those most in need.

CCF-LA works with families and individuals in the area of planned giving, providing expertise in creating donor-advised funds, designated endowments, trusts, and other estate-planning tools. This allows donors to make a significant impact during their lifetimes and beyond through the choices they make today. Donors have opportunities to provide for school facilities, the seminary and vocations, scholarships and tuition support, retired and aging religious, and many other tax-exempt charitable organizations.

Through the local Catholic community, CCF-LA has access to some of the most important charitable programs that provide assistance to the homeless, those affected by incarcerated family members, Catholic school education to those living below the poverty line, and needy families at Christmas and Thanksgiving. In addition, it provides job-training programs for youth, help for battered women and children, and many other services that improve the quality of life for the underserved and marginalized. The Catholic Church in Los Angeles serves everyone, not only Catholics!

CCF-LA is an important opportunity for all ages to learn about philanthropy. It is not just about wills but also about what you can do today that can be measured in both monetary and real terms. In partnership with our service providers, we give donors online access to daily balances and the status of charitable gifts made. We can also provide donors with research and case studies that demonstrate the impact of their charitable dollars on those they serve. It’s all about the power of philanthropy to positively affect individuals in need in our local communities.