We recognize the absolute requirement to be fully accountable and transparent in our reporting to all our stakeholders. It is our policy to complete a financial audit each year and publicly issue our 990 report as well as an Annual Statement of Accountability. You can find these reports as PDFs below.


Investment funds under management

Our experienced Founders’ Board exercised care and due diligence in selecting and working with fund managers, the adviser, and the custodian. Union Bank serves as our custodian; fund managers are selected and managed by our Investment Committee, headed by David DeVito and advised by Callan Associates.

Charitable gift services

Through our service provider, RenPSG, we have the largest independent gift service provider in the United States working with us to ensure the funds from our customers meet the financial and tax-reporting requirements of charitable funds, as do our own tax filings.

2016 Annual Statement of Accountability

The Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles is pleased to present our 2016 Annual Statement of Accountability.

Other documents: