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The Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles combines over a half century of philanthropic endeavors, trusts, and money-management operations that have faithfully served the Catholic community in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Incorporated in April 2014 and filed for charitable status in November 2014, a team of highly respected financial and legal minds came together to form our Founders’ Board. Several entities heard about this effort and offered to move their financial assets to the new foundation, providing an initial funding of $200 million and creating one of the largest Catholic community foundations in the United States.

CCF-LA works with a group of investment managers and an adviser who are experienced in investing nonprofit assets. To manage our gift instruments, we partner with the philanthropic solutions group RenPSG, the largest independent charitable gift services provider in the United States, with over $‘16166 billion in gift assets under administration and over 12,000 gift instruments managed. These carefully selected providers ensure that our staff can offer the highest levels of customer service and support to our donors and those we serve.

Mission & Vision

The power of one is an individual in a specific donor-advised fund, in a field-of-interest fund, or who has provided a testamentary gift. The power of many is when all of these individuals join resources with foundations and organizations of like mind to create a Catholic Community Foundation of Los Angeles with charitable investments that are aligned with the broad mission of the Archdiocese.

More About Us

L.A. Archdiocese Community

The Catholic Church serves the populations in the three-county Archdiocese of Los Angeles, home to over 11 million people.


We acknowledge the absolute requirement to be fully accountable and transparent in our reporting.

Our Policies

To guide our business operations in service to our mission, our board adopts policies that reflect our values.


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